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Here at Alpha Packaging (Aust), we’re proud to be the packaging distributor of choice for many clients in a range of industries on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere in between, as far up to Gympie and down to Brisbane. 

As one of the largest businesses of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, we can produce superior packaging solutions suitable for any purpose. 

Better still, our specially trained staff dedicate their time to delivering first-class customer service, made-to-measure products, and a complete range of food service packaging solutions at competitive prices.

Contact our team to find out how we can tailor our range to suit you.

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Our food service packaging range

According to Australian food standards, it’s important that you use packaging materials appropriately and only for intended purposes.

This means that restaurants, cafes and bars are all likely to have different requirements when it comes to their food packaging supplies.

That’s where Alpha Packaging (Aust) comes in. We have a wide range of food packaging supplies – all of which are compliant with current safety standards. You can choose from eco-friendly packaging and customise your brand with our several design and size options.

Browse our range of:

With everything from foil-lined bags to paper brown bags available, Alpha Packing has a bag packaging option to suit your requirements.

These are a more economical option for bulk orders. Boxes are more suitable for hot foods and trays servicing a wide range of foods – including meats and cheeses.

It’s important to give consumers a choice when it comes to offering a refreshment. We have a variety of cold cups – all in different sizes and materials.

Sugarcane containers are highly recyclable and biodegradable, making them a great solution for eco-friendly businesses.

We have a wide range of FSC standard cutlery products, including paddle skewers and knotted skewers.

Gloves ensure that you operate a top-quality service that is compliant with food safety standards. Browse our range today.

Are you a café or restaurant looking for an eco-friendly solution for your hot drinks? We offer a wide range of biodegradable hot cups – all in different styles and colours!

Napkins are essential for restaurants, bars, hotels and other food services looking to cater for their customers.

Our sugarcane plates and bowls are heat resistant and microwave safe – allowing them to withstand the heat of up 95°c.

Retaining a supply of stationery – including docket books and notepads – is essential to allow your business to run smoothly.

Whether you prefer plastic straws or more eco-friendly straws, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your food packaging print designs can be customised for your needs. We understand how important food packaging design can be to a business, especially if you specialise in takeaway or food. Our talented team is able to produce superior food packaging items that comply with your business brand and aesthetic. The ability to customise the print as well as the size of your packaging means that you will have food packaging that works for your business.

We understand just how important eco-friendly options are in this day and age. With many venues and companies consistently using food packaging, being aware of your carbon footprint is often in the back of your mind. Having the choice of eco-friendly food packaging is a relief to many. When you choose Alpha Packaging, you can choose our eco-friendly design option if you want to help reduce your impact on the environment. From eco-friendly straws to biodegradable food containers, we have you covered.

Safely disposing of your food packaging after it has been used is essential in helping to reduce your impact on the environment. Ideally, we would suggest you reuse your packaging as much as possible, but we understand that it’s not always an option, especially in food production. Instead, make sure you are recycling it correctly to help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you choose the eco-friendly option or our standard food packaging option, it’s important to dispose of it in the recycling bin which is designed for soft plastics. Ensure they are clean before recycling them.

To ensure that you are following good food packaging policies, it is essential that you always keep the following in mind.

  • Always purchase your food packaging from a trusted and reputable food packaging company.
  • Always use clean, undamaged and food-safe packaging. You must never use packaging that was intended for another use.
  • Always be aware of the composition of the food that you are putting into the food packaging. Some foods will not be suitable for some materials. Always ask your packaging supplier if you are unsure.

We understand how difficult it can often be to find top quality food packaging that is the right size to suit your needs. Our team of talented professionals will be able to assist you with custom sizing and made to measure food packaging products that will be just right for your business. This can help to reduce waste and control portion sizes in a busy kitchen.

Food packaging safety standards require that food packaging is only used for its intended purposes and that the material used cannot change the risk of contamination. These safety standards are important as inferior food packaging can potentially cause the following:

– Chemicals can leak from the packaging into food which can be deadly
– Bacteria and harmful microorganisms can get into food through dirty, damaged or contaminated packaging
– Inferior quality packaging can break off into the food and be consumed unknowingly which is a serious health hazard

Food packaging safety standards are designed to ensure that any risk to the consumer is minimised as much as possible. By following food packaging safety standards and ensuring that our packaging is of a high quality and produced in a clean environment, we can help to ensure that our food packaging is safe for everyone to use.