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Range of boutique packaging

We cater to a range of boutique stores whose packaging needs are an important aspect of the presentation of their products. Alpha Packaging (Aust) can help you brand your business with an exclusive line of packaging supplies, such as:

We’re passionate about helping you to make a great overall shopping experience for your clients and even offer free delivery on orders over $60 + GST.

Alpha Packaging (Aust) On The Sunshine Coast

Alpha Packaging (Aust) is one of the fastest-growing packaging distributors on the Sunshine Coast and is dedicated to making purchasing high-quality packaging easy and affordable. 

We carry an extensive range of boutique packaging from Paper Carry Bags, Plastic Carry Bags, Ribbons, Tissue Paper & Gift Paper Rolls.

We welcome you to visit our showroom in Kunda Park to select from an impressive range of boutique packaging products or we can deliver direct to your site on a weekly or monthly basis for your convenience.

About Our Range

We aim to remain as accessible as possible to businesses with our packaging options, and that’s why we provide eco-friendly alternatives and various styles.

Boutique packaging is great for commercial and independent businesses who are looking to make their products stand out from competitors.

When it comes to packaging your boutique products, it’s important to personalise the wrapping experience. Tissue paper is a great way to do this whilst demonstrating the elegance of your services and attention to detail.

Additionally, if you’re a retail business, you can make your products stand out with decorative ribbons and raffias. They add to the form and function of your packaging – binding your products together whilst contributing to the aesthetic value.

Feel free to chat with our team on the Sunshine Coast to discuss our range and how we could tailor it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary thing that separates a boutique outlet from regular retail or commercial outlets is exclusivity. Boutique items are sought after because they come in limited edition runs, are difficult to obtain and will hold a special place in the recipients home. Boutique outlets are also highly selective when it comes to their inventory. Less is more in the boutique world and each item is vetted before being identified as boutique and sold in a small store or a limited online range.

Exclusive and unique products deserve the same due care in packaging. Regular boxes or other generic forms of packaging will take the gloss off the product and strip away the boutique appeal. The packaging should be neatly wrapped and decorated by hand using quality items that reflect the value of the product inside.

There are many boutique packaging options available that can really make your products stand out. Customised carry bags with your label embossed on them add a sense of exclusivity over generic boxes or bags. Decorative items like quality ribbons and tissue paper that are applied by hand show that the item has been carefully prepared for shipping or sale.

Avoid store-bought wrapping paper and seek out bespoke wrapping options made from quality materials. Little touches make all the difference, so include an old school hand-written receipt instead of a computer-generated one. You can even include hand-written cards with the recipient’s name and a message to really personalise the packaging.