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Alpha Packaging (Aust)

Here at Alpha Packaging (Aust), we’re proud to be the packaging distributor of choice for many clients in a range of industries on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere in between, as far up to Gympie and down to Brisbane. As one of the largest businesses of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, if you’re looking for top-quality food, industrial or boutique packaging, we can produce superior packaging solutions suitable for any purpose. We can also provide high-performance washroom and cleaning supplies.

Better still, our specially trained staff dedicate their time to delivering first-class customer service, made-to-measure products, and a complete range of packaging solutions at competitive prices.

From restaurants, cafes and bakeries to hotels, clubs and pubs, Alpha Packaging (Aust) can take care of all your hospitality packaging needs on the Sunshine Coast. Whether it’s hot or cold cups, cutlery, napkins, trays or anything else your business needs, we can supply it.

Better still, our specially trained staff dedicate their time to delivering first-class customer service, made-to-measure products, and a complete range of packaging solutions at competitive prices.

Alpha Packaging

Servicing the needs of a variety of local industrial markets, Alpha Packaging can tailor a wide range of industrial packaging options for all your heavy duty requirements, from steel strapping and nylon to seals and tools, and a whole lot more.

Along with offering affordable packaging solutions, our friendly team can provide an extensive range of high-quality washroom supplies for your business, plus a selection of washroom accessories for toilets, washrooms, and bathrooms.

To help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for commercial or domestic use, Alpha Packaging (Aust) offers you all the cleaning supplies you could ever need. Keep your workplace sanitary and your home germ-free with our competitively priced products.

Well-known for providing superior boutique packaging solutions to suit all our client needs and budgets, you too can be confident that all our products will live up to your high standards. We only deal with leading brands to always ensure a quality outcome.

Our latest products

All of your packaging supply needs shipped directly from the Sunshine Coast

There are many things to consider when it comes to packaging your products. In the modern age sustainability is key, and minimalising packaging while still protecting your items from the rigours of shipping is a critical balance. Presentation and protection are also key considerations, which makes Alpha Packaging (Aust) perfect for all operations.

Whether you are a home business, running a major warehousing and shipping operation or looking to expand your brick and mortar service into online shipping, we have the right options available for you. Our range includes:

  • Industrial packaging solutions that focus on durability and strength
  • Boutique shipping options for high-quality products
  • Food packaging solutions for cakes, treats and other gift items
  • All of your other packaging needs, including protective elements such as Styrofoam peanuts and more.

We stock everything from boxes and containers to trays, carry bags and much more. All of our products have been strenuously tested, are available flat-packed for easy shipping, storage and assembly and will help to improve any online options.

More than just a packaging company

Alpha Packaging (Aust) provides everything you need for your business operations including warehouses, hospitality and retail outlets and much more.

On top of your packaging needs, we can supply all of your washroom, break room and cleaning supplies so that you are always on top of your hygiene requirements.

We can also provide other consumable items like receipt rolls, all of your lunchroom requirements (including recyclable cutlery, cups, plates, napkins, wipes and more) and everything you need for catering operations including service trays, vacuum bags, microwave save containers, cups, straws and much more.

You can choose eco-friendly options to make your operations more sustainable, providing your customers with durable and recyclable solutions that are ideal for the modern world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While our online catalogue of products makes it simple to pick everything you need and order it smoothly, we offer several other ways to place orders as well. You can contact us directly on (07) 5476 5577, email us at or come and visit our warehouse at 29-31 Kerryl Street, Kunda Park. We are open 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

We can work with our suppliers and find the perfect option for your requirements. We source our packaging supplies from leading brands including Castaway, Detpak, Coinfiol Biopak and many more. In many cases, there are customised, made-to-measure solutions available – especially for foodservice operations and industrial sites.

Yes. While we are not a removalist company, we can supply removalist grade packing boxes for all household and office relocations. You can be assured that these packaging solutions are durable and will also include easy labelling solutions to help with the unpacking process.

We understand that sustainability is at the forefront of a lot of business operations and the good news is that packing peanuts are recyclable. They are commonly used in all e-commerce operations to protect the products from damage during shipping and can be recycled at most local recycling depots.

In general, all of our packaging materials are sold in bulk. This helps ensure you always have stock on hand, keeps prices low and reduces overheads. We do offer personalised and customised services, though, including made to measure packaging materials and services supplies for those in the food or catering industry. While our packs are generally set, you can speak to our team on (07) 5476 5577 or at to see if alternative arrangements can be made.